Energy & Reiki Treatments

Please note all first time clients will need to make a 60 minute appointment for energy or reiki at £30.00, all prices and times include indepth consultation, after care and at home guidance and advise.

animal reiki

Animal Reiki - £20.00

Animals cannot talk to us yet they communicate, help them heal with reiki energy and lift their spirit once more

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing - £20.00 (30 mins)

Realign your chakras for efficient and optimum health and physical and spiritual integration.

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki - £20.00 (30 mins)

Open up the central fire and sacred flame with the magical power of kundalini empower the benefits of yoga without the physical exercise, realign the whole body chakra system and, heal energy imbalances re-invigorating the physical and spiritual self

Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy - £25.00 (30 mins)

Will include guidance and healing from our guardian and healing Angels together with etheric cord cutting and Angel reading, uplifting, inspiring and connecting

Crystal therapy

Crystal Therapy - £25.00 (30 mins)

Healing with natures treasures, gems and natural healers – find your power crystal and use them in everyday living for enhancement


Angelic Reiki - £20.00 (30 mins)

Relax and unwind drift off and let the galactic angelic hierarchy, ascended masters and healing angels heal and re-energise physical and spiritual essence under the guidance of your own guides, guardians and monad. Heal over every incarnation and take steps to your ascension and destiny

Aura Cleansing

Aura Cleansing - £20.00 (30 mins)
Taking with you specific herb and salt pouches for continual aura cleansing.

Brighten up and cleanse the aura for optimum health and the fight against emotional and attract good health, wealth and fortune. Let go of old negativities and blockages that weigh heavy and burden the soul and spirit. For this particular treatment you will be given specific remedies for continued cleansing to be used at home for optimum results that last you will see improvements in your day to day living as your aura starts attracting positive ensuring a barrier is provided against negative and harmful influences.

Silver Violet Flame Healing

Silver violet flame healing - £20.00 (30 mins)

The most fundamental, plus powerful, healing technique available on earth is the Violet Transmuting Flame or Violet Consuming Flame facilitated by Saint Germain in this past century. This gift has made it possible for hundreds and thousands of students to heal themselves and progress through stages of soul evolution much more easily. Jesus brought us this knowledge but it was removed from us by those who knew that this knowledge, if applied, would set us free.

Within the Violet Flame are the divine qualities of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness. It is the Sacred Fire and the Grace of God that Jesus spoke of, and has the power to set our lives free from the cause, effect, record and memory of density and discord that has weighed us down. Beside the alignment of our personal will with our Divine Will of a more evolved soul, it is the only power that can erase the record and memory of limitation and fear that is held in our bodies, and reawakened every time we place our attention on it again. The Violet Flame is that powerful and that essential to our resurrection into the light.

Past Life Reiki

Past Life Reiki Healing - £20.00 (30 mins)

The ancient art of Reiki is growing more popular as people seek ways to improve the quality of their lives. Reiki can be used to clear away or lighten emotional baggage accumulated during life's journey, and the energy opens the door to one's innate wisdom and self-transformation. I feel a great respect for all people when using Reiki - I feel like I can touch their soul. During each moment I channel the energy, I feel great gratitude for the opportunity to be a healing channel here on the earth plane.

With past life healing you do not need to know anything beforehand, we ask and direct the energies to heal you in the lifetime that restricts you today.


SPECIAL OFFER - NEW: 3 in 1 Aura, Chakra & Angelic Reiki Boosting Treatment & Therapy
£50.00 [75-90 mins]

House Clearings

House Clearings

Protection and blessings with crystal incense prayer affirmations, energy healing and cleansing, Archangel callings and blessings, whole house includes outbuildings, lofts and cellars, half day is usually required with just one family member present for least disturbance from £125.00. Includes all necessary items for usage during rituals and crystals and pouches to be left within the premises and the attunement of premises and belongings to the angelic vibrations.

Ascension Magick

Ascension Magick - from £10.00

...Divinely created. Angelic and ascended master spells from £10.00. For abundance, wealth / prosperity, love career, calming anger, jinx and hex breaking, manifestation, marital problems, loneliness, friendship, protection from any person or purpose, overcoming fear, mind with spirit integration, opening up psychic awareness, please call for further details or pop in. I cannot stress enough that i am available for help and all advise, recommendations and friendly chats are free.



Please note that a consultation prior to any treatments or therapies are a legal requirement and will include personal information which will be stored in strictest confidence abiding to legislation under the DATA PROTECTION ACT.

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