Development Circles

At Angel Sourced Holistics, we understand the importance of working with spirit, guardians, guides, angels etc, therefore we understand and appreciate that everyone will be at a different stage to someone else. Sometimes in group settings it can be scary when you arrive do quick meditations and just go round in circles asking for messages. We totally understand that everyone receives guidance in very different forms. Our development group and meetings allow each individual to actually learn their own way, we just help and guide you. We are available for continued support in your spiritual growth. We will never demand messages or belittle you for not making a connection.

Pamper Parties Pamper Parties Pamper Parties

Sometimes we have a routine sometimes we just go with the flow and talk about things that come up in conversation that will help the group. We welcome all and any spiritual minded persons. However people who are just curious, are also welcome to come and try the circle out.

Regardless of faith, religion or background we welcome any newcomers, their thoughts and views.

Currently we run three groups per week please find all details on our Sister Psychic Site.  


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